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University Medicine Zurich (UMZH)

Welcome to the University Medicine Zurich (UMZH)

In Zurich, we have a unique location, where we always strive for the highest level of academic medicine in order to offer first-class research and teaching for the benefit of the entire society.

The UMZH is divided into three areas, which are led by the Vice President Medicine Zurich, Prof. Beatrice Beck Schimmer.

The UMZH Network consists of the six UMZH institutions: University of Zurich (UZH), University Hospital Zurich (USZ), ETH Zurich, Balgrist University Hospital, University Children's Hospital Zurich and the Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich (PUK). Its mission is to strenghten Zurich as a medical centre to meet the challenges of the future.

The Office of the Vice President Medicine Zurich supports Prof. Beatrice Beck Schimmer in her duties as member of the Executive Board of the University of Zurich (UZH).

The Boards of Directors UMZH is responsible for the management of the Faculty of Medicine (UZH).

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Organization Chart UMZH / MeF

Locations of the UMZH

The addresses of the different locations can be found here.