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University Medicine Zurich (UMZH)

Board of the Faculty of Medicine

Board of the Faculty of Medicine

The Board of the Faculty of Medicine, headed by Prof. Dr. Beatrice Beck Schimmer, Vice President Medicine Zurich, is composed of further six members.

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zurich is ranked among the top 100 worldwide and among the top 10 medical faculties in Europe. Zurich is the largest of the six medical faculties in Switzerland. Around 230 professors are competently and responsibly committed to medical research and teaching.

Our scientists conduct world-class research in the basic and clinical subjects. Our biomedical research expertise is very broad, which is why Zurich is one of the world's leading academic centers. We promote innovative research with the aim of developing clinical application and precision medicine for the benefit of healthcare.

The Faculty of Medicine has about 4.000 students - every year about 400 young doctors graduate in Human, Dental or Chiropractic medicine. Over 700 academic faculty members are available for training.

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Board of the Faculty of Medicine

From left to right:

Prof. Dr. med. Dominik Schaer (Vizedekan Lehre Klinik)
Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Loffing (Vizedekan Lehre Vorklinik)
Prof. Dr. med. Nikola Biller-Andorno (Vizedekanin Innovation, Digitalisierung)
Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Frank Rühli (Dekan Fakultäre Geschäfte)
Prof. Dr. med. Beatrice Beck Schimmer (Direktorin Universitäre Medizin)
Prof. Dr. med. Hanns U. Zeilhofer (stv. Dekan Berufungen, Immobilien)
Prof. Dr. Maries van den Broek (Vizedekanin Forschung)

Board of the Faculty of Medicine

Organizational Regulations of the Faculty of Medicine

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