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University Medicine Zurich (UMZH) UMZH Network


1st Call for the Advanced Clinician Scientist Program

Recognizing the demanding nature of clinician scientists' roles, UMZH is launching the first call for the Advanced Clinician Scientist Program, which aims to boost the research careers of clinician scientists while supporting their clinical work. The program operates on a three-year funding cycle, offering resources for an independent research project, with an annual funding limit of CHF 200.000. 

Currently no open calls.

Call for UMZH Technology Initiatives

The UMZH grants for Technology Initiatives are intended to either kick-start new clinical technology platforms or to boost and expand an existing platform in alignment with the overarching goal of UMZH to connect institutions. The added value for UMZH is seen not only in the cooperation between the institutions, but also in embedding technologies into existing structures and in generating technical interfaces.

The call is open to Faculty Members from all UMZH institutions and welcomes submissions from all areas of precision medicine. UMZH Technology Initiatives are selected through a competitive evaluation process.

The range of financial support is up to CHF 1 million for a maximum duration of two years to kick-start the technology initiatives.

Currently no open calls.

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